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Woman's Post About Making Friends on a Flight Is Too Cute

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Girlfriend are forever besties, soul sisters, and secret keepers for life. Women know the instant connection we feel when we meet our better half, and we're not talking lovers or partners. Whether it's from early childhood, formative school, college, or adulthood, we know when we have a sister from another mother.

TikTok video creator @splantzz shared the sweetest clip of when she was sandwiched in between her seat mates on a recent flight and ended up with two new besties by the time of arrival. Have you ever been lucky enough to have this happen?

Their smiles say it all. They sure do look like they have been friends for a lifetime, too cute! How ironic that they all ended up in the same row of seats. They swapped life stories, shared snacks, and clung tight to each other during some plane turbulence.

Waiting for your seat mate during the boarding process can sometimes be like a roulette wheel and with the same odds, too, if you know what we mean! This was a match made in heaven. 

TikTok viewers gave thousands of 'likes' and 'loves' emojis, and fan @pollybaker62 says, "Omg this is so cute!" Yup, we absolutely agree. 

Your best friends are your family, and consider yourself fortunate to have just one in life. Cherish and nurture them. And if you happen to connect with random strangers on a plane someday, you never know. You just might wind up with a few more! 

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