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Video Reminds Us What Disney's 'Magic Kingdom' Looks Like at Christmas Has Us Holiday-Ready

The dead heat of summer has some of us craving the colder temps of winter, and the holidays that go along with it! There's a reason some people do a little "Christmas In July" celebration- they need their holiday fix throughout the year.

Well, Disney fans, get hyped- if you've been reflecting on Christmas cheer, start gearing up and take a brief mental break from the summer heat. The TikTok account @doseofdisney is giving us a dose of Christmas comfort by reminding us what magical holiday transformation the Magic Kingdom will undergo in just a few months.

That was a much-needed reminder of the magical seasons yet to come. After this year's record-breaking heat, we could all use a walk through a winter wonderland!

Disney fans and vacationers are so ready for their favorite destination to change for the holidays. "I'M SO EXCITED I GET TO GO DURING CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR YOU HAVE NO IDEA," exclaimed @meghankalck. You can tell she's hyped! "I can’t wait for my first trip this Christmas," said @mikiboo192- and we hope their first trip there is a blast!

Plus, don't forget- Christmas comes early to Disney World. User @collectionsnevercomplete asked: "Is WDW done up like this in November also? We’re going from Ireland next November." The video's creator replied "Yes!"- they just love that holiday magic over in the Most Magical Place On Earth!

Of course, not everybody is ready for the winter holidays just yet! "Pumpkins FIRST!!!!!" asserted @texasgroovychic. Hey, she's right- don't leave us Halloween enthusiasts behind!

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