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'Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade' Will Debut 4 New Balloons This Year

One of the staples of the Thanksgiving holiday is the NYC classic, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. You wake up, roll out of bed, and put on the parade on TV while you and your family cook, hang out, and enjoy the holiday. It's almost as much of a tradition as Thanksgiving football and the turkey itself!

With that, we are happy to announce that this year, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is shaking things up by adding 4 new balloons to their roster! TikTok user @sincerelymaureen gives us the hot scoop.So cute

So cute! Most of these balloons are targeted towards younger viewers, and we just"watching the parade is a tradition in my family. love it every year" know the little kids out there are going to love these. Outside of the cartoon characters, though, the soccer mascot doing a bicycle kick with other balloon balls is seriously awesome. In addition to the brand-new balloons, they're also bringing back an old classic- the Sinclair dino (with a brand new baby in tow)! These additions will definitely add to the Thanksgiving Day fun!

Maureen's viewers were in love with the upcoming parade balloons. "I can't wait and I NEW THERE WOULD BE BLUEY IM SO EXCITED THIS YEAR AAAAAA," screamed @doctorberryblue12- while Bluey is an Australian TV show, it's become a hit with kids, families, and animation enthusiasts here in the US. "While I’m excited about Bluey SINCLAIR HAD A BABY! THATS SO CUTE," admired another user. "The soccer one is really cool!! Also I’m very excited about Bluey!!" chimed in @love4pop- honestly, Bluey seems to be the biggest hit with everyone so far.

"Watching the parade is a tradition in my family. Love it every year," shared @liquidpeanutbutter, expressing a tradition so many of us share. We'll definitely be tuning in for this year's parade- and we can't wait to spot the new additions!

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