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Video of Macklemore on a Plane Full of Unsuspecting Passengers Is Way Too Good

Apparently no one realized who was in the row in front of them!

Traveling as a celebrity has to be a bit of a hassle. Sure, you can afford first class, but who really wants to get recognized while trying to fly from Point A to Point B? Airports can be stressful enough, after all! 

But then, there are those celebs who manage to slip by on an entire flight without anyone noticing, and it seems like Macklemore is one of those people. As the rapper shared on his TikTok account (@macklemore), he was recently able to fly without being noticed. 

Is this the kind of thing a star would get offended by, or would they just be relieved?

Macklemore — whose real name is Benjamin Haggerty — posted this video, which included footage of everyone behind him on the plane getting settled, seemingly without recognizing that he was in their midst.

"Nobody on this airplane knows I'm about to drop an anthem for the summer," he captioned his video. 

Many of his followers were a bit puzzled about how he managed to slip onto the flight unrecognized. 

"How do they not care that you're on the plane with them?" one person wrote.

"What I would do to sit next to Macklemore on a plane ride," another fan added.

It's definitely a plus that he managed to enjoy his flight unbothered... but we really need to know what the people on the flight thought after they saw this video and realized he was on the plane with them! 

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