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Luxury Treehouse Airbnb in Tennessee Gives Us Serious Storybook Vibes

Did you love playing in a treehouse as a kid? Wish you could revisit those days, but with something a bit more luxurious? One amazing Tennessee Airbnb has the perfect blend of rustic and glamour that may entice you!

The TikTok account @journey.more is dedicated to showing off some amazing hidden-gem Airbnbs. Recently, they showed off a real treat- a gorgeous Airbnb built in the middle of the woods in Bloomington Springs, TN, that gives us a total luxury treehouse vibe.

Sweet and serene! This place is gorgeous- the view of the forest from the windows alone had us sold. But then you have comfy furniture, amazing amenities, a jukebox with complementary quarters, and a bathroom that looks like it was ripped straight from a five-star hotel! We bet your old treehouse was nothing like this one.

Of course, some objected to the "treehouse" designation. "Very cute but not a treehouse ): Platform/Raised house," corrected @winterwysteria. They are correct- however, with its verdant forest surroundings and its vaulted wooden construction, we're willing to let this one slide. The video's creators agreed: "It’s the feel though! You are in the trees!😁"

So what did commenters think about the Airbnb itself? "King swinging bed ftw!!!!!" cheered @madmadamvader. "So beautiful but I need a kitchen!!" worried @___gi_gi___. "A kitchen would be good, but there are tons of great places to eat in the downtown area just 15 minutes away from it!" replied @journey.more. Hey, saves you having to cook and clean on vacation!

"As a full time wheelchair user I am absolutely loving this!! Looks super accessible and that’s so hard to find on these cool Airbnb finds," praised @saramariemonroe. We love that- disabilities can make travel difficult for many, so we're always glad to give good accessible accommodations a bit of coverage!

If you're intrigued and considering booking a stay here, @journey.more shares their most recent Airbnb's booking link in their bio, but if it updates, you can also find the link here. Get out there and have some fun- and rest in comfort while you do!