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Woman's Hack for Saving Thousands on Luxury Hotels Has People Talking

Travel has gotten extremely expensive nowadays due to a variety of factors. Some have tried to find ways around these costs by going through Airbnb or other websites to cut down hotel expenses. But if you're still committed to booking a luxury hotel, look no further.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @laxtoluxury, this woman is showing a tip for how to save thousands on luxury hotels. Her solution is a specific site that cuts down costs by thousands, or so she says. While this tip honestly sounds like magic, some people aren't totally sold on it. You'll want to check it out for yourself!

WOW! This website just sounds too good to be true, and that may just be the case. In the comments, not everyone is buying into this actually working. There are a range of reactions from people who do think it works, to those who think it's actually MORE expensive. One TikTok user, @chabely16, said, "I've been using it and trying so many hotels to see if it’s true and nothing, same prices like everywhere." Maybe this specific hotel she showed off was the lucky one out of the bunch?

Some people are also concerned about this website's membership policy. One commenter, @vashonm, pointed out that there's a,"$149 per year annual concierge service subscription." However, the creator responded by saying, "I have a free membership. There are paid options but you don’t need them for access to book." Hey, if nothing else, it sounds like the site is worth checking out, or at least trying to score an epic room for a sweet deal. And if nothing else, it's a great way to find out what the best hotels in any given location are! 

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