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Woman's Tour of Luxury Hostel in Cambodia Is Downright Unbelievable

What do you picture when you think of a hostel? There's a few general stereotypes that many people have of hostels- pretty simplistic accommodations, shared rooms, lots of younger backpackers and tourists- but overall, nothing fancy or glamorous in terms of aesthetics.

Well, one hostel in Cambodia is about to blow your expectations of hostels out of the water. TikTok influencer Ashley Victoria of @ashleyvtravels stayed at the Twizt Hostel in Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia, and was blown away by just how spectacularly gorgeous her hostel was.

Holy COW. This place is unbelievable. Like any good hostel, the rooms are super cheap- honestly, we even found them a bit cheap by hostel standards. Despite the easily affordable accommodations, though, this place has the opulent design and many of the amenities as any good luxury hotel! How about that upstairs pool and "beach" area? Or the peacock lounge? We're speechless- all we know is that if we take a trip to Cambodia, we know where we'll be staying.

"Great place. Where’s the bathroom?" asked @rigziu. Ha, sharp eye. But fear not. "There’s one at the end of every hall, 4 super clean showers and toilet stalls with toiletries! There are rooms with private bath for $38 too," responded Ashley Victoria. Awesome!

"Wow. Next level stuff," admired @soshowman. "Thanks for that! I just booked a week on my way to Vietnam from Thailand in December. Cambodia was not on my list but this hotel looks awesome," added @sarah.onthego. Heck, and Vietnam is already so close to Cambodia- we're all the way over in America thinking about booking a stay!

This place is gorgeous, a steal for your money, and overall just a total gem if you're planning on backpacking through Cambodia. It isn't a youth hostel either- the place is open to travelers of all ages! Sounds like a win no matter how you slice it.