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Video Showing Luxury Train Ride Experience Through Alaska Has Us Packing Our Bags

Wish you could see the majestic, untamed beauty of Alaska up close, but aren't much of a hiker? There's a way you can experience Alaska's wild and wonderful domain, even if you aren't a big outdoors enthusiast. Just book a train tour on the Alaskan Railroad and get ready to see the natural wonders of the Land of the Midnight Sun in comfort!

TikTok traveler @jasminmccarthyy took a tour on the Alaskan Railroad over the summer. Her video documenting her luxury experience is nothing short of magical!

This train ride is incredible. With amazing panoramic glass windows and outdoor viewing decks, riders have plenty of ways to take in the untouched glory of Alaska's wild country, all while riding in comfortable cars, enjoying a full bar service, and dining on gourmet cuisine. It's almost like taking a cruise inland!

"Is there a recommended site to book it? Do they discount different times of year??" wondered @schwantez12. There wasn't a reply yet in the comments, so we decided to do some sleuthing of our own. We found that lists services and booking for all their trains, including the one Jasmin rode on, the McKinley Explorer, which is linked here. While we didn't see discounted rates for the McKinley Explorer, several of the other services, such as the Denali Star and the Coastal Classic, list value rates in May and September- again, linked here. There are plenty of options based on your budget, timeline, and the kind of experience you want to have!

"We just did Anchorage to Seward - unforgettable!" shared @teacherguy1. We always love hearing satisfied accounts from people who experienced tours like this firsthand- it lets you know that you're in for a treat! This tour may even have won over some new travelers! "I never wanted to go to Alaska until now...." mused @artemiche69. The idea of visiting Alaska is a lot less intimidating when you know you can do it in comfort!

This incredible train tour has inspired us to see Alaska in a whole new way. Maybe we'll catch you on the McKinley Explorer next summer!