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Video Tour of Luxury Airport in Qatar Is Beyond Impressive

It even has a spa, for crying out loud.

When it comes to airports, we all know that there are some you'd rather spend a long layover in more than others. While some are outdated and a bit hard to navigate, others have more food options and stores than you could possibly visit before it was time to board your flight, even if you showed up three hours early for once. But this airport we've just been introduced to (thanks to the magic of the internet) is really on another level.

You've heard of luxury airlines and first class lounges, but what about an entire luxury airport? It looks like they do things a little differently in Qatar, and this TikTok video from @countingcountries is really making us want to check it out for ourselves! 

At first, when we hear someone say they're about to spend 24 hours in an airport, all we feel for them is sympathy... but after we heard this guy say it and then share exactly where he'd be spending time, we were feeling quite the opposite. He got to spend some serious quality time at Doha Qatar, a luxury airport in the middle east, and OMG — we had no idea this kind of place even existed! 

Everything is beautiful, clean, and upscale, and it's hard to deny that the offerings here are really top of the line. The airport boasts the best business class lounge in the world, but that's just the beginning. If you happen to be traveling through, you'll also find a beautiful gym complete with a full sized lap pool, along with a spa, where he got a 30 minute massage. Again, this is at an airport.

His fun didn't end there. He then enjoyed some sushi prepared by a chef who creates whatever you'd like on site, and then ended his day in a private lounge chair, where he got some sleep. 

We don't know why he'd ever want to leave — the airport is the vacation. Why can't every airport be this awesome?