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Insane Gust of Wind Takes Over the 'Luxor' Pool in Vegas in Viral Video

We don't know about you, but wind can be such a mood killer on vacation. Imagine you're just trying to relax at the pool, and a huge gust of wind blows every belonging you bring away. Now, imagine that times 100!

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @barstoolsports, they show an insane video of a windstorm at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. You can just see how freaked out people are ,and the amount of damage is just insane. Things are just flying everywhere, and the whole scenario just kind of happens out of nowhere! Take a look.

This might make you think twice about laying out by the pool in Vegas on a windy day! This video has been posted a few places, but now it's viral on Barstool! People in the comments are really going in on the lifeguard, like user, @bigmac68, who said, "The lifeguard blew their whistle and the tornado stopped running instantly 😜". LOL, can you even imagine if you're the one responsible for trying to crowd control this? Yeah. No, thanks!

Some of the commenters are laughing at those who reserved their chairs, saying that this is what they deserve. TikTok user @2612bmc said, "I said…”no reserving chairs!” …Let that be a lesson to ya!" It really is annoying when people come down at the crack of dawn to reserve 10 chairs, but we don't know if anyone actually deserves this kind of chaos during a pool day.

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