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Video of Lush Forest and Flowing Stream in Arizona Is Almost Impossible to Believe

Think that Arizona is nothing but desert? Think again! While Arizona is mostly a very arid state, it is still home to lush green patches that you'd never expect to see in the hot, dry Southwest state.

The TikTok account @welcometoarizona is all about showing off some of Arizona's best attractions and hidden gems. In this video, they highlight Thompson Trail in the White Mountains, which looks more like a place in the Pacific Northwest than it resembles what we've come to expect of Arizona.

This is Arizona? We never would have guessed. It's so unexpectedly lush and green! This trail follows along the Black River and is home to many wildflowers and wildlife. It's an easy trail to follow, but hikers looking for a more challenging climb can take a trek up the nearby Mt. Baldy and peep some impressive views at the summit.

"This is my part of AZ ❤️the part u don’t see on tv and movies," mused @hooyaahhey. "Yep we have anything from the desert 🌵 to the mountains and skiing! A lot of people don’t realize this!" informed @beachnut52000. We were among those people who didn't realize... every day you learn something new!

"My husband and I took a weekend trip to Pinetop last weekend so beautiful and 40° cooler. Going back in Nov for our anniversary," shared @hartzellwifey. "Yep been there a bunch. Greer. Hit big lake up for some fishing too," recommended @larslarson007.

We must admit we had no idea that Arizona's landscape was so diverse. It only goes to show that there's a lot we don't know about the world around us. There's a quick way to learn, though- get out there and explore!