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Cute Hotel That's Just 3 Blocks From 'Disneyland' Is a Great Budget-Friendly Alternative

You can stay close to the park without paying park hotel prices.

There's no way around it — going to Disneyland is expensive. Between the tickets, the food, and the souvenirs, it's hard not to break the budget, even if you are having fun. We're not saying it's not worth it, but it is nice to find a way to save money where we can, and shopping around for the right hotel is a great way to cut costs in a big way.

If you're wincing at the prices of the hotels on Disneyland property, this TikTok video is for you. Thanks to @lovebugalfiche, we now know about a super cute hotel that's close enough to the parks to walk there — and it's totally budget-friendly while not sacrificing on cleanliness, comfort, or location.

It's called the Hotel Lulu, and it's just three blocks away from the Disneyland entrance. If you're traveling with children (or just want a little extra magic in your vacation for yourself), there's even Disney decor in the hotel, and there's a shuttle to the parks just in case you want to save all of your energy for running from ride to ride once you get there.

According to the hotel's website, there are amenities like a restaurant and pool on site, and kids under 12 stay free. The rates are pretty reasonable, too, especially for a hotel that's just a stone's throw away from Disneyland — we're talking rooms for well under $200 per night that even offer a view of the fireworks.

It seems to be getting solid reviews from those commenting on the video, too. "We stayed here and loved it! The pool area was cute with little games & we each got a free drink from the bar!" one person wrote.

Yep, sounds like a winner to us!