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Woman's Love for Airport Bars Is How We All Feel on Vacation

There's no time in the world of airport drinking.

When most people plan their vacations, they're usually thinking of the things they want to do once they arrive at their destination. But for some, the fun begins before they even board their plane. Airports can definitely be a source of stress while traveling, but they can be a lot of fun too. 

Though some airports around the world have a better selection than others, if you have time before you need to be at your gate, there are tons of places to stop for a snack, an entire meal, or even a beer or a cocktail as you're passing through. And as traveler @socalsummerjoy pointed out, at the airport, it's never the wrong time to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. 

Sure, in the real world, people might give you a little side eye if you ordered a margarita before the sun even comes up for the day... and in many places, doing so isn't even an option. But fortunately, the airport isn't the real world, and this woman is willing to happily admit that she's the woman who's shamelessly drinking at the airport bar at 6 am. More power to her! 

"My vacation begins the second I get past security," she wrote in her video, revealing in her caption that she was ordering a whiskey. We like her style! 

In the comments, she seems to have found her people, because a lot of viewers agreed with her point of view.

"I do the same thing. leave it all behind and just let it all hang out," one person wrote. 

Travel can be stressful, so why not treat yourself while in at the airport, the place where time simply doesn't exist? Whether you're having a beer before breakfast or eating cupcakes for dinner, you might as well take advantage of the chaos.