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Video Shares Hack for Beating the Crowds at the 'Louvre' in Paris

A trip to the Louvre museum in Paris is an absolute must, and it's on millions of travelers' bucket lists. There are countless wonderful sights to see and places to visit while in Paris, which makes your time there even more valuable. Waiting in long lines is always tedious, frustrating, and kind of a buzz kill. 

Before you check off your visit to the famous Louvre, you'll definitely want to remember this great tip from TikTok video creator @b.the.king. The secret is out! Will you tell others are keep it to yourself? 

Whoa! Who knew that there was a shortcut to get in there? One thing's for sure, we're saving this video to refer back to the next time we hop a plane to Paris.

TikTok viewers sure do appreciate this useful information. User @_jjkk99_ writes, "It’s funny bc when I was there, I didn’t even know you can get in from the outside." Most people don't. This little secret is awesome, and we hope to use on our next visit. Fan @flrdlz3 says, "Did this when I went to Paris- also the first thing people should do is go straight to Mona first. Less people. Map it out." This is great advice, as it kind of  does feel like a treasure hunt! Viewer @jackelineberrelleza states, "I did this in the summer. There were a lot of people, and I enter in less than 10 minutes." 

A visit to the Louvre is certainly a memory-making journey, and we sure do hope everyone gets to experience it at least once in their lifetime.

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