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Woman Loses Her Phone in Rome and Gets an Unexpected Surprise After Its Return

Losing your phone on vacation, especially on vacation in a different country, has to be an incredibly stressful experience! Many who have lost items on vacation often expect that they just won't find them again. However, one woman who recently lost her phone on a trip got it back...along with a little surprise!

TikTok user @zucchinibabe posted the first video she found on her camera roll after recovering her phone, which she lost in a taxicab on her vacation to Rome. It turns out her phone was discovered by three Good Samaritans who turned it in to the cab driver, along with leaving her a video message. This is honestly the last thing she expected to hear! 

"Yes I got it back, how do I find them" reads the description, and it sounds like she wants to find her phone's rescuers and thank them! The ladies clearly did the best they could to make sure the phone got back to its owner, even though they didn't have much to go off of. It's always encouraging to see people being thoughtful and looking out for each other, even strangers.

Of course, now some of the commenters were on a mission to find these three women and get them in touch with @zucchinibabe, and as it turns out, one of them had a major lead in the case! "I think i know who one of them is omg" replied @sylv13_, who soon followed up with "Just sent it to her". When user @emmahope005 asked "Was it her??", @sylv13_ responded "Yup!"

WOW! The case may have just been cracked! That was fast! And who knows, maybe we'll see a follow-up reunion video from @zucchinibabe or one of these three ladies soon. We'll be on the lookout for it!

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