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Video Showing Mounds of Lost Luggage at Heathrow Airport Is Going Viral

Having the airport lose your luggage has to be one of the most unfortunate things that could happen while traveling. After all, the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination with no clothing or belongings. But have you ever wondered what happens to all the unclaimed lost luggage that never makes its way back to its rightful owners? 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @thewanderlustrose, the creator shows off a key detail that might make you think twice about checking a bag this summer. The clip shows the insane mounds of lost bags at London's Heathrow Airport, and it's honestly almost inconceivable. Just wait until you see how many bags are stacked up! 

Yikes! That's a heck of a lot of lost bags! We can't help but wonder how long that luggage has just been sitting there. People who viewed the video feel for the luggage owners who inevitably have to search through this maze of suitcases. One commenter, @kristenlive3, said, "I feel sorry for the owners of those bags. The pain they went through to pack and now they have no clothes". Ugh! The worst! Apparently, this is more common that you might imagine. One comment by user @sarah.darlington said, "It’s not getting enough media attention, how HUNDREDS if not thousands of people don’t have their luggage from the airlines this summer." Maybe we should start bringing carry-ons more often. 

The creator of the video jumped in and noted in the comments that even if your luggage is lost, you shouldn't blame the flight staff and also suggested trying to take carry-ons when you can. "Flying is super stressful right now. Go with just a carry-on if you can & please be kind to flight attendants and airport staff, they are overworked ❤️". This is such a good reminder, and it's so true. Maybe if we all exercise a little more patience while traveling, it'll be a much more pleasant experience for everyone involved!