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Woman Spots Her Lost Bag on Chicago Airport Tarmac in Hilarious Video

Losing your luggage is one of the most stressful experiences one can have when flying. While some people are lucky enough to be reunited with their things, millions of pieces of luggage are lost each year. It's distressingly easy for baggage to go missing.

When Megan of the TikTok account @megan_and_angus boarded a flight at Chicago O'Hare Airport, she lived out a flyer's nightmare in real time- she saw her bag lying alone out on the tarmac! Would it be saved in time?!

Phew! That was way too close of a call. If that worker hadn't spotted it just in time, that story would have had a much less happy ending. And in case you're still worried- Megan confirmed in the comments that it was loaded on the plane in time, too. Still that had us on the edges of our seats! This is why checking your bags and letting them out of sight is so stressful!

One thing was apparent from this video- the real star of the story was the airline worker who swooped in and saved the bag in the nick of time! "Not all heroes wear capes," admired @laurdavisxo. "Really hoping the algorithm shows this to him. A national treasure, that one," applauded @melyn1111. He probably doesn't see the impact his actions make firsthand- but whether he knew it or not, he was Megan's hero that day!

Not everyone has been so fortunate at the airport, sadly. "That's why I do carry-on only. My luggage was lost once and my whole trip was ruined," said @itsyourlocalchimosa. Seriously, your luggage making it to your destination with you can truly make or break a trip.

"I once sat on a plane and watched a shoe fall out of a busted suitcase & nobody noticed. We taxied away and left it behind. I think about the lady that got to her destination with only one black pump all of the time!" recalled @pinkvelourtracksuit. "This happens so much. I saw bags drop from the carts all the time," stated @pizzvparty.

Stories like these are exactly why we're on #TeamCarryon. At least Megan's story, very luckily and thanks to an anonymous worker's quick actions, had a happy ending!

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