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Video of 'Longest Continuously Occupied Castle' in Scotland Is Quite the Sight to See

Across Europe, one can find many castles that have stood for centuries, with the very oldest ones having existed for over 1,000 years. Many of these castles were abandoned for long periods of time due to war, disease, famine, and people moving to cities during times of great economic change.

However, some castles were never fully abandoned, continually housing residents throughout their history. One castle in Scotland, Duntrune Castle, is renowned for being considered the longest continually occupied castle in Scotland. Though it was built in the 12th century, it has housed the Malcolm family since the 17th century. In this video shared by @twoscotsadventures, we are treated to a walkthrough of the gorgeous and stately castle grounds.

It is a beautiful, almost melancholy, sight to see. While some modern additions and renovations have been made, it still retains much of the same appearance as it has for nearly a millennium now. Climbing up the towers of the castle and looking out over the shoreline, one feels transported back in time.

"Places like this make my old soul feel like I have been there, breathtaking," said @gwenmanning73, awestruck. "How wonderful that it is still lived in and loved," remarked @kaseytucker21. "Makes me long for a long ago time," mused @vikingskiar.

Some viewers' thoughts even turned to the supernatural. "I love it ! as much as it would be haunted😁😁," remarked @matildajanecooper1. True, we'd be surprised if Duntrune wasn't home to a few ghosts! However, considering that the home has been filled with life for many centuries, we'd like to think that any spirits occupying the castle are happy ones.

There's something mystical about this gorgeous castle and the rugged landscape surrounding it. We hope to one day see it in person!