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Video of the 'Longest Line in Airport History' in Europe Is a Major Travel Buzz Kill

Air travel is crazy all over the world right now, from tons of delayed and cancelled flights to huge TSA lines everywhere you go. No matter where you're flying from, it's best to anticipate delays before you go on any flights. It used to be that the rule of thumb was to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight, but with the way some of these security check lines are averaging out, maybe that rule should be 10-12 hours now.

We wish we were kidding, but when you see lines like the one shown in this video, you'll know what we mean. TikTok user @joelcorry captured this insanely long line at the Cologne Airport in Germany, claiming in the description that this is the "longest queue in airport HISTORY." It may very well be a contender- apparently, this line is 4 km, or nearly 2-and-a-half miles long!

We've seen some rough queues at the airport, but this is just ridiculous. With lines of 4 km long just to get through security, you might as well bring camping gear with you... or frankly, just try to walk or swim home! Some of the commenters felt the same way: "I’d honestly just not go on the flight I’d be gone 😂," said user @taraquinn18.

A couple commenters suggested doing a fast track/pre-check option to get around the long lines and cut down on time, but there seemed to be a snag there. When user @sharpye02 said "And that’s why I always book fast track ahah," the video's creator responded "No fast track 👎😢." Wow... so these poor travelers were really stuck with this no matter what.

But what about the creator's claim that this was the "longest queue in airport history"? While we couldn't find any information to verify this claim, one thing makes us think he may be right: the official TikTok account of the Guinness World Records showed up to chime in, commenting "That’s a long queue." Perhaps they're looking into it?

At any rate, air travel is a mess right now. If you're flying anywhere, research your airport's average queue lengths, see if there are any pre-check options available, and get there with plenty of extra time to spare. Good luck on your next flight!

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