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Video Showing Ride Down the 'Longest Cruise Ship Water Slide' Is Pretty Epic

Cruise ships have been upping their game recently. We have seen some amazing new additions to our beloved ships that make the experience even better, not to mention, much more adventurous!

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @alexojeda, the creators shows this insanely long waterslide on a cruise ship from the rider's POV. Part of the slide actually hangs off the side of the ship over the water, it's nothing like we've ever seen. Wait until you get a load of this thing! 

Okay, wow! We honestly can't get over how long this thing is. In case you were wondering what boat this is, the slide is located on Royal Caribbean's "Navigator of the Seas." Fittingly, the slide is called, "The Blaster!"

People are split on whether or not they would try this slide out for themselves. One user, @marim4r1, said, "This looks cool, but it gives me anxiety. I would be nervous to get stuck in the middle. 😬" Yikes! That would be bad. And believe it or not, it does happen. Just recently, another TikTok video of a woman getting stuck on a cruise ship slide went viral!

Others who watched the clip agree that this is just too extreme for their liking. One commenter, @sialina1919 said, "I think I would hyperventilate. Way too long for me." We would for sure feel claustrophobic being in that waterslide for that long! 

However, a couple of the commenters are loving this unique experience. Viewer @austinchiangmd chimed in with, This looks so fun." To each their own, we guess! Whichever way you swing, you can't deny how cool this perk is. 

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