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Shop Selling 'Japan's Longest Street Food' Makes Our Stomachs Growl

From sweet and savory mitarashi dango to Osakan takoyaki to the fish-shaped taiyaki dessert pastries and beyond, there's no shortage of incredible street food throughout Japan. With the incredible range of delicious options, visitors to Japan are sure to be satisfied, no matter what their food preferences are. Some Japanese vendors even drum up extra appeal for their food with fun gimmicks.

Enter "Long! Longer! Longest!"- a shop in Harajuku, Tokyo that claims to sell the longest street foods in Japan. Japanese snack company @bokksu puts us on the scene.

Don't risk stumbling while walking with one of these steep snacks in your hand- these are sit-downers for sure! The food isn't all gimmick, though- these treats look delicious as well. Our personal favorite might be the churro, judging by the looks of it. Despite their origins far away in Mexico, churros are widely popular all over Japan, but this one might beat all other Japanese churros for its sheer length alone! Still, that was nothing compared to Tornado Potato- my oh my!

Like the churro, the "strawberry snack" also has international origins. "The strawberry dessert is tanghulu," mentioned @happy-647. Tanghulu is actually originally from Northern China, and can be made with many kinds of fruit- the defining characteristic is that sweet rock-sugar coating. Yum!

This video had mouths watering all over the world. "All, i would get all of them," stated @rice4lyf. "That’s it, when I’m older I’m gonna move to Japan," @bjj_amara decided. Some commenters had even been to "Long! Longer! Longest!" themselves! "We had the twisted potato and it was good!" recommended @mrsjabas. 

Situated in Harajuku right by Shibuya, "Long! Longer! Longest!" practically sits right in the very heart of Tokyo. If you love street food with a fun twist, don't miss it if you're visiting Tokyo!

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