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Man Shares Travel 'Tip' Upon Seeing Long Lines of People on Vacation

Waiting in line to experience an attraction while on vacation certainly has mixed reviews. Is the destination spot so fabulous that one must visit? Or is it a tourist trap where people would feel like being stuffed into a sardine can? The common answer is, if the experience is important to you, the amount of waiting time is insignificant.

TikTok video contributor @tommy_bracco shares his tip for what he thinks you should do anytime you happen to see a long line somewhere on vacation. We really think he makes a valid point here! 

He's certainly not wrong! And TikTok fans say 'YES' and let us know what they would do. User @ageisjustanumber.56 writes, "It was incredible- we went at night. Had an Aperol spritz while waiting!" Sounds delightful. We're online making reservations now. Da Enzo looks fabulous! Commenter @michele9983 declares, "100% you wait." Now, that's one hands down positive review! Another fan @amrammmm, added, "Enzo is worth every min of that line."

Heck, we've all waited in a long line, overpaid for a service, or experienced and gone above and beyond, especially when traveling. Everyone's bucket list is unique and different. So, if waiting in a long line to enjoy a meal at a particular restaurant is on your list, then it's absolutely priceless and worth every minute! 

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