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Viral Video Shows Chaos at London Airport After the Runway Melted From Heat

If you haven't been watching the news lately, then you might not have heard about the massive heat wave that has stormed over multiple countries around the world this week. The United Kingdom, in particular, has reported that temperatures have been the highest ever recorded at 40 degrees Celsius. (That's 104 degrees Fahrenheit.)

A video that's going viral on TikTok was shared by @london, and it details how the Luton Airport has been gravely affected by this heat wave, causing numerous flights to be cancelled. Did we mention that it was so hot, the darn runway actually melted? You seriously can't make this up. The chaos is just unimaginable. And these people look so incredibly frustrated! 

This is just utter insanity. We didn't even know it could get hot enough for a runway to melt! People who viewed the clip are just as stunned as we are like. TikTok user @cinnaswirl said, "Man, the UK really not cut out for heat in any way shape or form 😳". It really isn't! Some folks are even trying to blame the UK for not preparing for such heat, however one commenter clapped back at all of them. @zestylimestudios responded by saying, "For everyone saying the UK cant cope, no, we can't because nothing is built for 40C weather, stuff starts melting & not working. We're built for cold."

Due to climate change, places like London, which don't experience such hot weather, are having to adapt. Commenters are making a note of this and saying how we, as humans, need to reverse the effects we have on rising temperatures. User @rozoroz123 said, "yet we are doing nothing to get climate back to normal." This is important for everyone to see. Climate change is real, and it's affecting all the things we love, including traveling and going about our daily lives.

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