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Video Showing London at Christmas Is So Full of Magic

Christmas in London is a magical and wonderful time of year to plan your next getaway to this fabulous destination. There are magnificent holiday decorations everywhere, and people are more prone to be in a jolly and merry mood. There are so many seasonal experiences to discover and explore, making it even more of a popular 'must visit' entry on your travel list.

Who doesn't' love twinkling lights, festive ornaments and adornments all 'dancing' to synchronized Christmas music? Well, we do indeed! TikTok video creator @timeoutlondon shared a clip of London during the holiday season that will certainly put you in the spirit. Please put on your Santa hat, grab your hot chocolate and a candy cane, and enjoy! 

The most famous place to visit to enjoy the holiday Christmas lights is Oxford Street.  While there are so many other super fun things to do too, Oxford Street should absolutely be a stop on your itinerary. It's beautifully decked out, and one can't help but getting bitten by the holiday bug. Seriously, who wouldn't want to enjoy hot toddies, themed nosh, and nibbles all while Christmas shopping?

TikTok fans have lots to say about the subject. User @mr_bane006 says "No, its November," LOL and we are thinking, darn, can't it be all year round? People are so much nicer during the holiday season. Another viewer @taylormason4702 writes, "Too early to put up Christmas stuff already." Time flies, wasn't it just Halloween, like yesterday? But honestly, it's tough not to get into a festive mood after seeing cities like London all ready to celebrate.

If you are lucky enough to get the chance to fly 'over the pond' this season, have a ball, enjoy, and make memories of a lifetime. Happy Holidays to all!