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Frequent Traveler Shares the Best Vacation Spots Recommended by Locals

Anytime you begin to research a potential travel destination, you'll be inundated with the most popular (read: most touristy) spots first. And sure, you may really enjoy visiting these places, but some travelers find that the most popular spots are overcrowded or not worth the hype. But if you dig a little deeper, you'll find the hidden gems that most travelers overlook.

Travel vlogger Nicole Nina aka @hutravelstheworld started taking travel recommendations from the locals of the countries she visits. Here are some of the amazing places she's discovered as a result! 

This is some legit stuff! We hadn't heard of most of these places- which is what you want when you're looking for a list of places that are off the beaten path!

 Just because these places aren't as well-known doesn't mean that they aren't awesome, though. These places she named were vibrant, gorgeous locations with rich culture and full of plenty of things to do. We were personally most impressed by La Guajira, Colombia. A desert+the Caribbean Sea is a combination we never expected, but it looks simply stunning! This is why you gotta check in with the locals for recommendations... they know all the best spots!

Viewers who had been to some of these places vouched for her recommendations. "Ronda was so great! The only place we went where they made tinto de Verano in front of us and everyone was so nice about my Spanish. And the food..." @elitist_b warmly reminisced. "Arequipa was honestly my favorite place in Peru!!!" agreed @primirdial_hag.

Others added recommendations of their own. "Groznjan, Croatia. Great artist town with stunning views of the hills of Istria. There are art studios on every corner," shared @belladonnab***h. "I’ve been gate keeping my Italian local spot that was shared with me but Elba Island off Tuscan coast is UNREAL!" admitted @weatheredseagull34569. 

There are a million incredible places in the world that you may never even hear about... at least, not without digging below the surface a bit. Keep your ear open to what the locals recommend the next time you visit somewhere new to you... you may end up finding your new favorite place in the world!

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