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Woman's Review of Luxury Adults-Only Resort in Cancun Has People Sold

Need a grown-ups only getaway to relax on a beach while escaping the sounds of screaming kids? There are many adults-only resorts out there of varying qualities. However, this luxury resort in Cancun looks like it'll knock your socks off!

We're talking about the Live Aqua Cancun resort, which is adults-only and all-inclusive (barring spa treatment packages). TikTok influencer @jasminebellepak went there on a group trip and honestly, this place looks as nice as they come!

This looks so nice! We were living for that ocean view alone, but when she started showing off the food, we were sold. Admittedly, $1700 isn't the cheapest for a trip, but when you consider that it's for 5 nights at a really nice all-inclusive resort, it's honestly much more reasonable than some trip price tags we've seen! Plus, as we saw Jasmine respond in the comments, that cost evidently includes the flight as well! All in all, sounds like a real deal if a stay at an all-inclusive resort is your bag.

We will say, with all the hustling those workers at the resort put in, they more than deserve a tip, even if it's not required. User @santana_scorpio felt this way too "Tipping should not be optional, tip them!" Jasmine agreed, and replied with a helpful tipping guide! "Yes! General rule of thumb: $1 for drinks, $3 for buffet meals, $5 for a la carte sit down meals." Honestly, this would be a good guide with any all-inclusive resort.

Former guests were also enamored with the resort as well. "Love Live Aqua 🥰 we stayed in the honey moon suite, worth every penny," shared @ericareign20. "My company had an event at Live Aqua and I pretty much have never been so happy in my life," recalled @justinhub1. "Hands down amazing resorts, staff is amazing!" recommended @marines91137.

All in all, this place has tons of glowing recommendations, looks fantastic, and can be booked at a reasonable price (by all-inclusive resort standards, admittedly). We'll be considering Live Aqua for any future Cancun trips!

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