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Man Shares Little-Known Hotel Secrets That Make a Big Difference

The last one is a concern for so many people.

There are a few tips that just about everyone knows when it comes to making sure you get the best hotel experience in your budget. Most travelers already know that they should read reviews and shop around for rates before booking, but there's a lot that you may not know unless you've worked for a hotel before. There are so many secrets that might just make your stay better (and cheaper) just waiting to be discovered.

One traveler and finance coach on TikTok, @karlyombom, shared what he knows in a video that's now going viral. His advice actually makes a lot of sense... and that last one he mentioned is actually making a lot of people nervous.

His first tip is one about saving money that we had no idea about — according to him, the best time to book a hotel is between 5-6 pm, though anytime is better than booking any later at night than that, since that is supposedly when the most people are making bookings, thus when prices are the highest.

He also shared the reminder that the perks like free breakfast and wifi that the hotel is bragging about aren't actually free — they're just quietly included in the hotel rate, which is important to consider when you're trying to decide between different places to stay and where you're really getting more for your money.

And finally, his most alarming secret: He tells the front desk to let the housekeeper know that he'll be tipping them when he arrives, because "I know that housekeepers only clean stuff when they see a visible stain." 

Whether or not that's actually true became a big concern in the comments on the video, for obvious reasons — nobody wants to stay somewhere that isn't clean! How true that statement is may vary from hotel to hotel, but like he said... a tip certainly doesn't hurt.

These aren't bad things to keep in mind while planning a future trip.