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Little Girls' Reactions to Surprise 'Disneyland' Trip Are Just Perfect

The looks on their faces are priceless.

For a lot of families looking forward to future visits to Disneyland, planning is part of the fun. Kids love to get involved, picking out what rides they want to ride and what characters are at the top of their list to meet. But as fun as that is, it's hard to top the impact that a surprise trip can make on them, especially at the right age.

If you're looking for that push to plan a surprise Disney trip for your own kiddos, this TikTok video from @cierahudson might just do it. These little girls had the best reaction when their mom shared the news. 

This family was already on vacation when Mom dropped the bomb that they weren't actually going home that day as planned. She had all three of them close their eyes as their dad placed Minnie Mouse ears on their heads (minus the tiniest one, who was not having it) and the gasps when they opened their eyes and realized what they were wearing and what it all meant is everything.

They were so excited, and one of them was already screaming about going on Haunted Mansion — that's the kind of energy we like to see! 

In a follow-up video, Mom shared footage of one of her daughters at Disney, and it looks like they had an amazing trip filled with so much joy. We're so jealous! 

Surprising your kids with a trip to Disneyland or Disney World can be such a magical thing, and this video is proof. These three didn't know what to do with themselves!