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Little Girl's Hilarious Description of the Tail Section of an Airplane Has Us Rolling With Laughter

Kids say the darnedest things. Really, they can be so funny sometimes- their perception of things that are totally normal and mundane to us as adults are often so off-the-wall and hilarious that it's almost enlightening. It can kinda make you see things in a whole new way.

Minnie, the 3-year-old daughter of TikTok user @thefabulousibizamama, had some pretty hilarious perceptions of an airplane', anatomy. After hearing what she has to say, we'll never look at planes the same way again!

LMFAO! That's a riot. Seriously, we'll never be able to keep a straight face at the airport or look at a plane the same way again! Too funny!

While it is funny, though, it's... also not that far off from the truth, in a way? Firstly, @drewstanaway explained what that thing actually is: "Fun fact - that is the plane's APU [auxiliary power unit]. It’s a small jet engine to help power the plane on the ground when the engines aren’t on 😁. But the kid's version is best." But other commenters had a more fanciful take on it, like @indexr: "Lol it's the Airplane APU Exhaust!! She is right.. it can be considered as that!! 😅 😁." And from that point on, people just ran with it!

"You are correct! It really does fart constantly through the skies," mused @lolovansta. "Technicians everywhere need to include this video in their training so that we can start renaming APU exhausts appropriately," stated @ericsanerd. Perhaps they could use @theotherleafy's new acronym for it: "Auxiliary pooping unit (APU)." LOL!

Ah, potty humor bringing everyone together. Is there anything better than that? Minnie had us cracking up. Thanks for the smiles... and our childish laughter! Hehehe..."plane's bumhole."