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Haunted Villa in Brooklyn Has a Seriously Creepy Past

There's something about "haunted" historic places that fuels the curiosities of skeptics and the superstitious alike. Whether you're a true believer of the paranormal or just a history buff interested in centuries-old dirt, there's just something magnetic about historic locations with a dark past. Sometimes, the places with the craziest stories are also the ones you'd least expect.

The Litchfield Villa in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, now the headquarters of Brookyln's Parks and Rec department, may seem innocuous at first. However, as Weronika (@creepyhistoryclass on TikTok) shares, this building houses a creepy past!

There's more to this villa than its Gothic exterior to give you the willies. What Weronika claims in this video is shocking and fanciful, but it turns out that these rumors run deep. The stories regarding the botched seance and the resulting dark occurences have been around for well over a century now. 

We do think that her narration may have been a little harsh towards Mrs. Cahill, the grieving woman who conducted the seance. The First Lady at the time, Mary Todd Lincoln, was found of seances herself and conducted several at the White House, and may have given some validity to the practice. Regardless of the good intent behind the ceremony, though, something must have gone awry. Four of the five participants really did die within the next year, the fifth simply disappeared from historical record, and the rumors of "gargoyles" in the windows and other unsettling phenomena persisted...

"It’s the parks department office; I knew there was some strange feeling in there... When I worked for parks I picked up my checks from there," shared @georzas2321. "And I’ll never visit no thanks baby," declared @rainbow794. "Sounds like this would be a great addition to The Conjuring franchise- something along the lines of like a prequel," suggested @stevemwadman1983. We wonder how the current workers at Litchfield Villa would feel about all that!

Regardless of how much credence you give these creepy stories, the Litchfield Villa is still a beautiful piece of historic architecture in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. That said, if you look up in their windows at night and see a gargoyle peering out back at you... well, don't say we didn't warn you!

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