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National Park in Kenya That Inspired 'The Lion King' Is Way Too Cool

For most millennials and Gen-Z babies, The Lion King was a staple of our childhoods. Just the first few seconds of "The Circle Of Life" can take us back to a simpler time. The film is an iconic classic for its timeless story, award-winning music, and its gorgeous visuals representing the beauty of the African savannah and its wildlife.

Did you know, however, that the locations used in the film were based on a real national park in Kenya? Both the original film and the more recent reboot used locations that were based on (and in the latter's case, filmed in) Hell's Gate National Park. Despite the ominous name, the park is beautiful, and TikTok user @adamboro takes us there on a virtual tour!

Seeing it all together, we can definitely spot the resemblance. There were surprises there, too- the Devil's Bedroom is an oddity we hadn't heard of before today! The landscape was gorgeous both in the park and further to the south on Adam's trip through Kenya, and getting to see the wild animals up close and personal must have been a breathtaking experience- even if it led to some awkward moments like with the lions, lol!

Commenters were quick to jump in with jokes for that last scene in particular, though!  "They tryna make Simba a brother," joked @theofficiall.a.n.a. "You could have played “Can you feel the love tonight” from the lion king 😂," pointed out @wiasilly95. Oh man, missed opportunity!

Jokes aside, though, many shared their own experiences at Hell's Gate National Park. "Bro I was there the first week of June we did the bike ride and then hiked to devil's bedroom it’s crazy," shared @steven.lyman11. "I’ve been here!!! It’s so beautiful and amazing!!! And SOOOO surreal!!!" said @randimarieowens. "I was born there and it’s magical. The sunsets are breathtaking," said @calvincn20. We can only imagine... the sunset shots in this video alone were exquisite.

We may have to add this park to our bucket lists. This is place is truly something else!

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