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Video Tour of the 'Lindt' Factory in Zurich Gives Us Major 'Willy Wonka' Vibes

For millions of us Chocolate is a decadent delight, a food from the heavens above. It brings emotions of happiness, satisfaction, and nostalgia. Chocolate comes in a variety of flavors, colors, textures, and shapes. The fascination with chocolate is worldwide, so it’s no surprise there are countless tourist attractions around the globe dedicated to chocolate supporters and enthusiasts.

Imagine a place that is so incredibly magical it seems to be straight out of the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Ceiling to ceiling walls of beautiful, colorful, assorted candies. A place where the word happiness was made! A place where dreams and fantasies come true. Thank you to TikTok user @asiawilmot for sharing this mouth-watering video from inside a destination for travelers passionate about chocolate!

The Lindt Chocolate Factory in Switzerland is a must see and should be added to  the "bucket list" for any chocolate lover! TikTok user @jelenemorris writes, "I wish!!! My fave chocolate in a country, I’ve always wanted to visit!" We are buying tickets now, too! Another TikTok viewer, @tina.marie00 states that her "dreams are made of a place like this." And we couldn't agree more! Two simple words sums up  @lil_honey_13's thoughts, "My dream." Ours, too! 

A visit to this place truly is a stop in a "world full of imagination." Candy lovers, pack your sweet tooth and your suitcase. Let's all go to the Lindt Chocolate Factory in Switzerland!