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Video of Lightning Taken on Flight From Italy to England Is Downright Impressive

Generally, pilots will avoid flying through bad weather, even delaying a flight if necessary. However, weather is unpredictable, and sometimes a flight may have a close encounter with a storm. When that happens, passengers may get a unique perspective of a storm that they've never had before.

Flying above a thunderstorm on her way back to England from Italy, @scarlettvoliver was safe on her flight. However, she captured some amazing footage of thunder and lightning filling the clouds below them!

This shot looks like something out of a trippy bad dream. Before the invention of aircraft, rarely in human history, if ever, have people been able to look down into a thunderstorm. Even today, this is a rare sight to see. It feels very surreal, yet impressive and beautiful nonetheless! We're just happy that everyone on board was safe.

Many found the scene entrancing yet terrifying. "That is amazing. You can hear the thunder in the airplane," @waynerooneylover commented. "Wow 😳 stunning but scary," @heathermarieandre observed. "I would be scared for my life," admitted @save.placexo.

However, while some found it terrifying, others felt inspired and empowered by it. "I would feel like a god being above the lightning," @emiliia.o.k stated. LOL, it would be a lot of fun pretending to be Thor as the storm brews below. But would the awful turbulence be worth it? That's the question.

As scary as the situation might be for the passengers, we still feel lucky to have seen this. There are so many incredible phenomena in our world that we just kind of see as everyday and mundane, but seeing something as normal as a thunderstorm from a new visual perspective elevates it to an out-of-this-world experience!