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Video of Lightning Striking Near the 'White House' in D.C. Is Pretty Terrifying

This is a reminder to always be aware when it's storming.

Weather is something many of us put a lot of thought into when planning a trip. After all, we want to pack the right clothes, right? But accounting for storms can be hard to do, and every once in awhile, while we're out exploring, those storms can be come dangerous.

Need proof? On TikTok, @foxweather shared footage of a lightning strike near the White House in Washington, DC, and it's no joke — the perfect reminder of the kind of power that nature holds. 

"A lightning strike at Lafayette Park near the White House left four people injured on Thursday night. Secret Service provided life-saving aid until paramedics arrived," said the caption. 

Yikes! This strike is pretty unreal to see, especially with how bright and how close to the White House it was. 

This is definitely scary, especially knowing that people were hurt. Though getting struck by lightning is still rare, that doesn't mean it's not important to be aware of your surroundings and the potential for dangerous weather, especially in the summer months when these kinds of storms are more frequent.

Next time you're traveling, don't forget your rain jacket and umbrella... and stay vigilant about the potential for storms and other scary weather events. Better to be safe than sorry, even on vacation. 

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