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Woman Shares Secret to Cheap Flights That's Better Than Travel Tuesday

Between Black Friday and Travel Tuesday, many travelers book future vacations around this time of year to score some serious deals on flights, hotels, tours, and other travel necessities. However, sometimes the best discounts aren't deals you can grab during the seasonal rush. The best travel deals are the ones you can score year-round.

Budget travel expert @pointswithmer thinks Travel Tuesday is overrated. This is because she's got a secret on how to potentially save thousands on flights any time of year, which she shares in this video!

Sorry, we just saw someone shave over 75% of the cost off of an originally $4,000 international flight. That right there is impressive, to say the least! Consider us curious. We looked into LifeMiles ourselves just to see, and it's legit. They partner with airlines from all over the world, and while they seem to have some limitations- we didn't see much in the way of Asian and African flights when we looked, for example- they've got a lot of deals on flights in Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas. 

People were loving this amazing hack. One TikTok user, @emanualpedro,  was especially grateful: "Finally someone putting out there the hacks. I’m so tired of people saying. “If you want, traveling doesn’t need to be expensive"." 

Mer's serious savings with LifeMiles weren't a fluke, either. "I was quite shocked when I found out about this lol saved about like 1000$ on a flight from NY to London," attested @_1kingjoy. 

Always do your research before booking flights, though- even great programs like these aren't perfect! "Be careful what you book! On some airlines "rewards tickets" cannot be changed! So make sure you book in and out of the same airport!" advised @starspot. If you're booking travel this way, be very careful inputting your info and have your plans pretty well set, as changing these flights can be difficult. Still, even with this caveat, LifeMiles sounds well worth it for the savings. Perhaps it will be the answer to your travel budget prayers the next time you want to fly abroad!

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