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Man's Realization About Leaving His Cats for Vacation Is All of Us

Vacations are meant to be fun for people, but leaving our 'fur babies' behind at home sometimes leads to stress, anxiety, and depression. As much as we all love to travel, pet parents can totally relate to this dilemma. Cats and all pets give us 'those eyes,' and oh boy, we're in deep trouble.

Suitcases are zipped and we are excited to go, oh, but please don't look back when closing the front door. Watch as TikTok video creator @elloboooo shares this all-too-common experience so many of have encountered. They will have you at meow!

Whatever you do, don't. look. back. TikTok fans seriously agree. They love their cats. User @tlnyterr0r writes, "Only vacation I can truly enjoy is where ever my cat is." Some people won't even go on a trip unless they can bring them along. Fan @catsofsanbernardino adds, "They are always the hardest part of going anywhere." Even though they miss us terribly too, sometimes, it's harder on pet parents! Viewer @mountainbear4465 says, "Oh…, where do you think you’re going?!” Let the guilt trip begin!"  LOL, yup.

Pet cameras, pet sitters, and pet daycares all may help relieve some of your anxiousness of knowing your baby is in good hands while you're away. We get it. We all love our pet companions. They always listen, never talk back, and provide unconditional love. They're truly the best. Remember to enjoy your vacation, as they will love you and will be there with a meow and kiss the minute you walk back in the door. 

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