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'Hidden Gem' Town in Washington That Looks Straight Out of Germany Is So Magical

Leavenworth is a must-stop for anyone visiting the area.

If you've ever wanted to visit Germany without using your passport, you're in luck (and no, we're not talking about visiting Epcot at Walt Disney World). There's a town in Washington that looks like it could actually be in Europe, and after watching this video on TikTok, we're ready to plan a trip. 

User @baylagomberg shared a glimpse of the town of Leavenworth, Washington, and OMG — it's so cute! This Bavarian town has everything, from a nutcracker museum to shopping to plenty of places to get yummy snacks like pretzels and gingerbread. Not to mention the buildings themselves are adorable, too.

There's even live music and the mountains in the background. Honestly, what could anyone else want in a destination? 

And according to those in the comments who have been there before, the town gets pretty great reviews. Some say that it's best to visit in the fall when the foliage is changing colors, while others say that this is the ideal town to see at Christmas time. We can just imagine the decorations and the lights (and the snow) now! 

"We live about an hour away and love going here in the fall. Don’t forget to check out the little candy store outside of town in the mountains," one person advised.

We had no idea this place existed, but now that we do, it's a definite must visit. Think of the Instagram photos! 

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