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Man's Visit to the 'Least Visited National Park' in Alaska Sounds Like a Dream Come True

While some of America's biggest national parks, such as Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and the Everglades, have earned their stellar reputation for a reason, they also take up a lot of the attention from other equally spectacular national parks- and due to their immense popularity, they're often flooded with tourists. Many outdoor enthusiasts and national park lovers might find themselves wanting to switch up the scenery. But where to?

If you're up to a bit of a trek- and don't mind the cold- you may want to check out the national park that is both America's second biggest by area and its least visited- Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska. National Geographic sent Kiliii Yuyan out there to fill us in with a brief but enlightening video they shared to the @natgeo TikTok page.

We can see why the park doesn't see many visitors- the Arctic tundra can be a very imposing environment, and its remoteness makes it tricky to access. However, those visitors who brave the trip are treated to stunning landscapes, plenty of free-roaming wildlife, and even fun river-rafting. Plus, you don't have to worry about fighting through crowds to get the perfect picture of your favorite landmarks- there's plenty of wide open space and hardly any other tourists to crowd you.

"Fundra is the 2022 word of the year," @officialp22mountainlion joked. Honestly, it sounds like we've been missing out on a lot of Arctic fun! "Wanted to go there for years! Alaska is amazing," admired @coffeespiraled. "This is number 1 on my bucket list. Period. End statement," stated @rambojesus determinedly.

The Gates of the Arctic isn't for everybody. However, those who visit will be richly rewarded with true natural beauty.