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Man Camps in the 'Least Visited National Park' and the View Is Just Incredible

This isn't your average everyday campground.

Visiting all the national parks around the United States is a bucket list item for many travelers out there, but they usually focus on the big ones first: Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon... all the ones we hear about all the time. But there's one on the list that a lot of people are ignoring, even though they should definitely be planning a trip out there. 

Thanks to @paul.mp4 on TikTok, we now have every reason in the world to visit the country's "least visited national park": the Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska. As Paul explained in his video, "it takes so much effort to get here," but the view is absolutely worth it.

Seeing those mountains is just incredible, and so is the idea of being able to go camping while being surrounded by so much untouched natural beauty. More people should be visiting this park for sure, even if does present a few travel obstacles.

In the comments, Paul wrote that there are no roads and no trails in this park, making it difficult to explore, but it certainly looks like he made it happen despite those challenges. 

"We spent all of our 9 days in the Arrigetch Peaks area. There are a bunch of valleys to explore and high points to scramble up to," he added.

We're adding this park to our list. All of Alaska is beautiful, but we need to see this view!

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