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Man's Over-the-Top Attempt to Secure a Late Checkout in Vegas Is Going Viral

This guy is a total legend.

They're not always possible at every hotel, but a late check out is always worth it. Unless we have an early flight to catch, on our last day of traveling, we need all the time we can get to sleep in and get everything packed up. 

And just in case you need a little help in convincing the front desk to let you stay a bit longer, @rickglassman on TikTok has you covered. Okay, so maybe you won't want to follow his example entirely, but we have to admit that he's cracking us up. 

After being patched through to the front desk, Rick (who insisted on being called Dr. Glassman) explained that he's on a boys' trip "getting away from the wife and kids" and was bold enough to ask if he could stay in his room until 5 p.m., which goes well beyond any expectations we have for a late checkout! 

As we suspected, he did not get a yes to that request, but Rick didn't stop there. Bribery was even involved, and eventually, he did get somewhere — just not a check out that was quite as late as he was hoping for. 

People were highly amused by this video, including hotel employees. "I work at a front desk and would die if I heard this call," one person wrote. 

Another added, "I stand by my initial feelings, if your boy wasn’t laughing in the background, you had that 5 p.m. checkout LOCKED." 

Better luck next time, Dr. Glassman!

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