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Viral Video Showing a River of Flooding in Las Vegas Is Seriously Unbelievable

Las Vegas is a glamorous oasis in the middle of Nevada's desert landscape, but like many other desert cities, it's not particularly equipped to handle heavy rainfall. Normally this isn't a problem, as the area doesn't see a lot of heavy rain. Lately, however, there have been enough rainstorms near the Las Vegas area that the dry ground can't absorb the excess water, overwhelming the city's drainage systems.

A couple of weeks ago we shared footage of mild flooding in the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. However, as more rain falls near Sin City, the floods become more extreme. TikTok user @nikkideeznutzz was there on the scene as floodwaters turned the streets of Las Vegas into roaring rivers!

This is truly shocking. The scene is almost apocalyptic. We're stunned and worried at just how deep and quickly those waters run! We wonder how many other streets in Vegas were flooded to this extent!

Some tried to see the humor in the situation. "Vegas needed a good bath," said @hellov3761. "All the sins getting washed away," mused @melctheartist. "Nice they added a river walk now," joked @jss40584. Ha, but we wouldn't want to take a boat ride down THAT river!

Jokes aside, though, this situation is much more concerning than at first glance. "Anyone worried about all the underground people there? 😓," wondered @tanyatague. For those confused by this statement, a significant portion of Las Vegas' large homeless population lives in the city's sewer systems, as the tunnels stay fairly dry most of the time and they're relatively cool and protected from the sun. In times like this, though... well, needless to say, many commenters were worried, as were we!

Take heart, though: "There are actually ppl who go and warn them to leave. I don’t know how they know when flooding will happen but they do get out." replied @kristenschwartz6. We hope those dwelling in the tunnels or in low-lying areas heeded the warnings and got out safely! Much love to the people of Las Vegas, and we hope things settle down for them soon.