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Video of Packed Hotel Pool in Las Vegas Has People Pretty Creeped Out

If you're the type of person who gets squicked out at the idea of swimming in a packed pool, you're not alone. Not everyone who visits the pool is going to have the best personal hygiene, and even with people who follow good hygiene regimens, if you crowd enough of them into a small swimming space, that water is eventually gonna start getting pretty nasty.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in this video posted by TikTok user @lasvegasblogger. Capturing a bird's-eye view of two different pools from her hotel balcony in Las Vegas, this user showed us the difference in water quality between the mostly empty regular pool at the Cosmopolitan resort and the packed pool at their day club. This video made our stomachs flip!

YUCK! What is with the water in the second pool being so cloudy? We hoped it was just from the amount of people in the pool making the water choppy and opaque. The commenters, though, were less optimistic.

"Gotta love sun screen and tanning oils and other wonderful things 😅" commented user @itstalijane. "Pools are human cereal bowls with water instead of milk," joked user @splatoon3_3.2. That's a pleasant thought... not.

It gets worse from there, though, as many commenters had inside information on just how nasty these pools really are. User @dentedmilk ominously replied "I've worked on pools for five years… i do not swim in pools." User @laobansanta said "A resort bartender told me the old men that sit at swim up bars all day and don’t move are 100% peeing in there." And one user, @kaylomhenderson, shared perhaps one of the nastiest stories found in the comment section: "I went to the MGM for Calvin Harris and witnessed someone puke in the pool and no one proceeded to evacuate. I did not step foot in another pool there."

Stop... we're getting nauseous. Seriously, if you're planning a trip to Vegas, you may want to just stick to the casinos and live entertainment. But if you simply, absolutely must go swimming while you're there? Take user @elviscabrera7's advice: " get the cabana and get yourself a private small pool to enjoy." Good thinking.

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