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Video Showing the 'Night Lights Lantern Festival' in Utah Reminds Us of a 'Disney' Movie

For tourists, one of the biggest draws that Utah has are its amazing national parks, such as Moab, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National Park. But what else does Utah have to offer? In addition to its stunning national parks, Utah is host to many incredible festivals, including the magical "Night Lights Lantern Festival."

Once every year, thousands of people write their dreams and aspirations on paper lanterns and send them flying into the Utah night sky. TikTok traveler @angeltraces documented her experience there, and it looks like a scene lifted straight out of the Disney movie Tangled.

This is one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen. The thousands of lights flying into the night sky make it seem as if the festival goers are lighting up the night with a million new stars. For those who have attended the festival in person, this must be a deeply moving experience. There's something so hopeful about symbolically sending your dreams up to the heavens. The festival feels truly magical.

Of course, we'll admit we were concerned about one factor: pollution. We weren't the only ones, either. "Looks like a great way to litter and cause a grass fire," @thest0kes said. "That’s cool and all but who’s cleaning up all those lanterns when they land miles away?" asked @wilding355.

Luckily, this festival is meticulous about safety and avoiding negative environmental impact. We've linked their FAQ which includes their sustainability practices, but to paraphrase the key points- the lanterns are constructed entirely out of biodegradable material designed to fully burn out before landing. Unlike less responsible lantern launching events, they do not use plastic or metal components, which could otherwise harm wildlife. They also carefully track the lanterns' paths through the sky and clean every single one of them up as they land over the following few days, leaving behind no trace.

The magic of this beautiful- and environmentally conscious- festival has inspired many. "This is where I proposed to my wife <3," shared @garmenth. How incredibly beautiful!

One user, @dexterisright, posed an interesting question: "Whoever is reading this: What is your hope and dream?" That got us thinking- what would we put on our lantern? Maybe you'll see our lanterns flying overhead at the next Night Lights Lantern Festival!