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Lake Michigan Beach With Crazy Steep Climb Down Isn't for the Faint of Heart

If you've ever been to Lake Michigan you know it's so big, it practically looks like an ocean. It even has beaches people can visit that look like you're vacationing somewhere on the coast. But one beach in particular is gaining quite a bit of popularity on TikTok, all because of how tough it is to access. It's so challenge, in fact, that there's actually a cost to being rescued if you dare to climb down the steep hill that leads to the lake and can't get back up.

In a video that was shared on TikTok @muon2020, you can see this dangerously steep path to Lake Michigan. Let's just say it takes a certain type of person to want to have a beach day here. If you do decide to take this adventure and can't get back up the hill, it'll cost you a whopping sum for someone to come and help you out. Watching this video just gives us the chills. Take a look for yourself.  

Yeah, so you don't want to go to this beach if you aren't in great shape, LOL. Climbing up that hill looks like a feat of strength! And apparently, it costs $3,000 if you get stuck at the bottom and can't get back up! TikTok user @troyroberts62 is chiming in on his take on his experience, saying, "Done that twice!!! It is not easy. Second time made it up in 19 mins. Most people take hours to get up. Better be in good shape." Honestly, if you're planning on visiting this beach, you might want to start a training program a couple of months prior.

Some of the other commenters who haven't been to this place are questioning whether this climb is really worth it. User @olivia_1997_, who said, "Knowing myself, I would be so tired from swimming, I would have to take a nap halfway up the mountain to be able to finish." Yep. That sure sounds about right to us.

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