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Video Showing the Severity of the Drought Near Lake Mead Is Unbelievable

Weather conditions have been extreme all over the world this season. From extreme heat waves to severe droughts, millions, if not billions, of people have been clamoring about the vital need to combat climate change and mitigate the extremity of these growing environmental changes.

The severity of some of these droughts can be seen in important lakes and waterways all over the globe. Las Vegas has undergone some recent flooding within the city itself due to heavy rainstorms. However, these brief rain storms have not been enough to balance the water levels in the nearby Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States, which has seen its waters drop severely due to drought- leading to the uncovering of some pretty shocking sights, which we can glimpse in the background of this video, shared with us by TikTok user @adrian_mountainman_sr.

Despite his nonchalance, we couldn't help but notice- is that a freakin' SPEEDBOAT sticking out of the ground behind him? It's crazy to think of all the stuff that has sat hidden under the water, only recently to be uncovered by the heavy droughts. It's not just limited to general pollution, either- we did some digging of our own, and multiple skeletal remains have been uncovered at Lake Mead over the past few days! Considering the mob ties Las Vegas had in its early days, it's chilling to think of what secrets are just now being uncovered! "Jimmy Hoffa’s in there somewhere," joked @aprilvioletrose... and she may actually be right!

People had their own opinions about the shocking scene. "Well now it’s a good time to clean all that mess in the lake before it gets full again," recommended @dsm_nit. That is an incredibly conscientious recommendation, as it's definitely an opportune time to relieve some of that pollution. Several other commenters echoed similar sentiments as well. You can have a bit of fun first, too- as @kwebbamtngrl suggests, "Can't imagine what else you'll find out there, treasures are waiting. take advantage & get a metal detector."

Treasures are waiting, indeed- but if you come across, say, more skeletal remains, maybe leave that stuff to the authorities. Not all of Lake Mead's secrets are wholesome, after all!