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Woman's Lake Day Horror Experience in Texas Is Everyone's Worst Nightmare

We love that she's at least able to laugh about this!

Few things feel quite like summer than a day out on the lake. Hanging out on the boat with cold drinks, friends, and sunshine — it's the ultimate way to relax on the weekend. Until it goes wrong, of course.

As @missjantzen shared on TikTok, one woman's day at Lake Lavon in Texas definitely didn't go the way she expected, and her video is a good cautionary tale for anyone who's planning to spend any time on or near a body of water in the near future. The "In The Sanctuary" trend was practically created for stories like this! 

You have to watch the video for the full story (and trust us, it is worth it) but basically, this woman decided to go out on the boat with her boyfriend and his family and made the massive mistake of drinking on an empty stomach. As you can probably predict, this did not lead to anywhere good! 

We'll leave it at this: She had a bathroom emergency, and with no bathroom on the open water, she was forced to get creative, and her boyfriend's fam knew every detail. An actual nightmare. 

Fortunately, she found a lot of sympathy with the people who watched the video. 

"Well that’s a way to quickly bond with your future in-laws!" one person commented.

"Bless them for helping and not being mean," another added.

Hopefully, she's over the embarrassment now (especially since, as she wrote in the comments, she and this boyfriend are now engaged). May we all learn from her mistakes!