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Rare Color Phenomenon at Colorado Alpine Lake Has People in Awe

Colorado is home to stunning mountains, vast national parks with otherworldly rock formations, and other wonders of nature. Some of these wonders have stood for millions of years, while other natural phenomena are rare, only happening for brief periods of time.

One stunning example of this kind of short-term phenomenon is what's happening at Lake Haiyaha right now. Situated near Estes Park, this alpine lake is beautiful under any circumstances. However, it is currently undergoing a rare color phenomenon that is beautiful but fleeting-anyone interested should try to see it soon before it fades away! This video, shared from the TikTok account @denverdogguide, gives us a glimpse at what's happening at Lake Haiyaha.

This video is so unreal! The water has the appearance and color of jade! It's a beautiful sight to see- but what could be causing this phenomenon?

Turns out, it's a pretty simple answer, as the video's creator explains in the comments: "A rockslide moving glacial sand into the lake! Crazy right?!" Crazy, indeed! Just a random occurence, something as simple as a rockslide, was enough to change the whole appearance of the lake to this stunning color!

Apparently this phenomenon tends to happen seasonally, and eventually the waters will fade back to normal. Currently, reservations are needed to visit this lake until October 10th, as everyone wants to get a glimpse before it's gone. 

"How do you get reservations? I live here but haven’t been able to go because it’s so difficult," asked @larkieswiftie. Luckily, the video's creator has the answer! "Love this question. There are two ways: 1. They open on a day the month before for the entire month or 2. Every night, they release tickets for the next day at 5:00pm. So for example, tonight at 5, tickets will be released for tomorrow. I hope that helps!"

"Don’t forget you can enter before opening or after 3 if you can’t get that reservation," added @growingupvanness helpfully. Now that you know how you can land your slot for a hike, we hope you get a chance to see Lake Haiyaha'a rare color transformation before it's gone!