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Video Showing 'Before and After' of Lake in Calfiornia After Massive Flooding Is So Sad

There is something that just does the mind, body, and soul good when we visit lakes! It's peaceful and centering and somehow just "quiets" us. Mother Nature created some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Lakes are peaceful, majestic, and serene, and their natural beauty is fantasy like. Lakes offers visitors an abundance of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. 

But what happens when devastation strikes? Massive flooding can create havoc and shock. Lake contents, animal life, vegetation, topography are all affected when this happens. Checkout this video from TikTok user @apictureoftime to see just what happened after a massive flooding on this California lake. The before and after is pretty shocking, to say the least.

Just... wow. Lake Gregory Regional Park is located in the cool San Bernardino Mountains in the community of Crestline, California, and we just can't get over how different it looks after all of that massive flooding. People who watched the clip are equally as taken back.

TikTok user @d.evans83 says, "I’ve lived up there for 8 years, and my girlfriend for 23 years... this happens all the time." Another viewer, @jamesprince999 confirms, "It's mostly vegetation, it will be fine soon." We sure hope so. We all are aware of the drought in California and the desperate need for rain. 

Another viewer, @thatonegrumpyoldguy, declares that no one is ever happy, saying, "Complain because of no rain, complain because of rain." Well, we all know you can't please everyone! We sure hope Lake Gregory is back to it's original state of beauty and will be thriving again in no time.