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Food Court Fountain at Laguardia Airport Has Travelers Captivated

They can't seem to look away.

If you're a frequent traveler, you know that most of their airports around the United States have their "thing." There's the yoga room at the San Francisco International Airport, or the forest walk tunnel that people love in Atlanta. And for those who have been to Laguardia in New York, it's absolutely gotta be the water fountain in the food court.

It's seriously cool — at least, for a fountain that's inside an airport, anyway. And this TikTok from traveler @madelinechadban proves that there is no one who sees this fountain and isn't absolutely captivated by it. 

In the footage, "New York, New York" can be heard in the background as multiple people are seen taking photos and videos of the fountain while they're eating, ordering their food, or even just walking by. We have to admit, it's a pretty neat fountain, and a solid distraction from an otherwise draining day of travel and all the hassles that come with it. 

It's not just a fountain, either; it's a $1 million water installation that plays two rotating shows as tribute to New York throughout the day, complete with projection mapping, and the shows get new themes around different holidays like Christmas and July 4. No wonder people are always stopping to see it! 

"If you went to Laguardia and didn’t take a vid of the fountain then did you really go to Laguardia?" the OP asked in her caption. 

Fellow travelers shared their love for the water show in the comments, including one who wrote, "Okay but why am I planning a trip to NYC purposely through La Guardia bc I wanna see the fountain? The chokehold is too real." 

We get it — and it gives us something to look forward to seeing while passing through every time.