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The 'Lake Como' of Central America is a Total Hidden Gem

One of the hot travel destinations of the past year was Lake Como in the beautiful Lombardy region of Northern Italy. With its stunning scenery and rich culture, it's been a hotspot for serious world travelers. However, it isn't the most budget-friendly visit- at least not for those who'd have to fly over from the US. 

So where do you go if you want those romantic lakefront views for a fraction of the price? Travel vlogger @trendywanderer suggests a stunning alternative that she calls "The Lake Como of Central America."

Oh, our jaws dropped at this stunning sight. Seriously, what fantasy movie is this from? Lago de Atitlan, or Lake Atitlan, is in Guatemala, which is a much briefer (and typically cheaper) flight than a trip to Italy, at least for many Americans.

 Both lakes have gorgeous mountainous views, but for different reasons. While Lake Como is situated in the Italian Alps, Lake Atitlan is formed inside a giant ancient volcanic crater, and is surrounded by a few other volcanoes as well! What is distinct to Lake Atitlan, however, are the many nearby Mayan ruins, and the Mayan cultural influence which still exists in the area to this day.

Some objected to the comparison, though- not because Lake Atitlan isn't beautiful or impressive, but because it can stand on its own! "Guatemala is not your choice B, t's your 1st choice!!" exclaimed @wendini92. "Being Italian, I don’t see the comparison. This is an exciting destination, probably very different than Lake Como, likely better," remarked. One user, @phatbenatar, even switched things up: "Maybe Lake Como is the Atitlan of Europe."

One thing is for certain- Lake Atitlan is an incredible destination in its own right, whether or not you'd compare it to any other spot in the world. With swimming, boating, hiking, and visits to nearby towns bursting with vibrant culture, Lake Atitlan is one of Central America's gems. Oh, and if you'd like to visit the exact place that was featured in this enticingly romantic video, it's La Casa Del Mundo Hotel in El Jaibalito. You'll thank us later! 

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